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Combine resveratrol and curcumin for maximum inflammation-quenching

October 21st, 2014 | by Dr. Richard Herbold

Clifton Park, New York’s Capital District Vitality Center news: Combined these supplements work better than alone When it comes to battling inflammation and autoimmunity, research shows resveratrol and curcumin work better when taken together than separately. Supplemental resveratrol is derived from Japanese knotweed and the compound is also found in the skin of red grapes. [...]

Vitamin B12 Deficiency More Common Than Thought

October 16th, 2012 | by Dr. Richard Herbold

Dr. Richard Herbold of Clifton Park, New York’s Capital District Vitality Center: Could you have a B12 deficiency? Some things to know about this vital nutrient Vitamin B12 deficiency is more common than people realize and can mimic or cause other disorders. A B12 deficiency is linked with memory loss, anemia, cardiovascular disease, and autism, [...]

When a Gluten-Free Diet Is Not Enough

March 27th, 2012 | by Dr. Richard Herbold

For many people, a gluten-free diet erases all their chronic health problems like a magic wand. For others, it doesn’t make a dent, despite a proven gluten intolerance. What gives? A diet that also eliminates dairy, grains, and other foods may be necessary, along with nutritional compounds to restore gut health. Gluten damages the small [...]

Combined Resveratrol and Curcumin for Autoimmune and Inflammatory Disorders

March 6th, 2012 | by Dr. Richard Herbold

Thanks to exciting new research, we can more effectively manage autoimmune diseases and chronic inflammatory disorders that plague so many people today. This new approach involves the use of two natural compounds, resveratrol and curcumin, which have been found to work better when taken together than separately. Synergy between resveratrol and curcumin Resveratrol is a [...]

Heart disease is an inflammation disease

February 14th, 2012 | by Dr. Richard Herbold

You could eat a “heart-healthy” diet, exercise regularly, and maintain a healthy weight and still be at risk for heart disease. Why? Because the root cause of heart disease is inflammation, and managing inflammation goes beyond standard prevention advice. The whole grain diet, inflammation, and heart disease Are you following popular guidelines by eating a [...]

Detox Diet Plan for the New Year

January 3rd, 2012 | by Dr. Richard Herbold

Now that the food comas, sugar hangovers, and holiday binges are over, it’s a good time to “clean house” with a detox diet. A detox diet calms inflammation, stimulates repair and recovery, and boosts energy. A detox diet should never involve frequent hunger or lack of nutrients, factors that only stress the body further. Finding food [...]

Holiday sugar hangover cure?

December 27th, 2011 | by Dr. Richard Herbold

Did the holidays leave you with a sugar hangover, including lethargy, upset stomach, brain fog, mood swings, or joint pain? While alcohol hangover cures are a folklore staple, you can recover from your sugar hangover with some solid steps:

Vitamin D outshines vitamin C at preventing flu virus

December 13th, 2011 | by Dr. Richard Herbold

Compelling evidence links low levels of vitamin D with an increased risk for the flu virus and colds. Most people are deficient. Are you getting enough D?

Why do I have brain fog all the time?

September 6th, 2011 | by Dr. Richard Herbold

Question I seem to live in a perpetual fog, like I can’t think clearly or I’m not all the way there. Why do I have brain fog? Answer Brain fog is a sign of brain inflammation. Although inflammation in the brain doesn’t cause pain, it can cause symptoms of brain fog. The brain is protected [...]

The gallbladder is actually important

July 21st, 2011 | by Dr. Richard Herbold

Question I’m told I need to have my gallbladder removed and that I don’t really need it anyway. Is this true? Answer No. The gallbladder is an important part of the digestive process. The gallbladder stores bile The gallbladder stores bile from the liver and secretes it into the small intestine when needed. Bile is [...]