• Jim C
    Name: Jim C      Occupation: Harley enthusiast

    I had no intention of changing my lifestyle.  I was content with being overweight and diabetic.  Not only was I diabetic, I also had high blood pressure, cholesterol problems, and acid reflux.  The thing was that I was living on the edge of disaster and didn't know it.  The diabetes was getting worse and my health problems were mounting right under my nose.  I was taking up to 8 prescription pills a day.  I went to a dietician that was covered under my insurance and I did make some changes, but nothing that would make a difference like going to Dr. Richard Herbold.

    My test results from my primary doctor were dismal.  I was told I needed to be on insulin and I needed to lose weight.  I was turning 50 and needed to make some changes.

    So here I am today almost 6 months later and I am in my change in eating.  I don't like to call it a diet because it's not, its a life change for me.  I am currently on NO medications at all.  I have lost well over 30 lbs and still make strides toward my goals.  Calling Dr. Herbold is one of the best things I could have done for my health.  My energy level is incredible and I'm feeling great.  I'm working out with a passion.  Diet, exercise, and Dr. Herbold have been my keys to health success. 

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  • Beth W
    Name: Beth W      Occupation: Teacher

    Health Condition:  High blood pressure, high cholesterol, inability to loose weight even when dieting consistently, hot flashes, insomnia, esophageal reflux, hay fever/rag weed allergies, reactive hypoglycemic, borderline diabetic symptoms, fatigue and general low energy are all symptoms I entered the Capital District Vitality Center with. 

    After observing the transformation in my daughter's health at the Center, I decided I would seek the advice from Dr. Herbold.  I had been dieting with a well-known 'diet' program and had plateaued, even started to gain back the 10 pounds I had temporarily lost...Because of my own health issues and having a mom who passed away at the age of 57 due to similar health issues, I knew I needed to get serious about my health, even though I made serious attempts of using every diet plan advertised.

    Dr. Herbold explained how my genetics, present diet and exercise patters were impacting my health.  After doing some simple testing, he and I devised a nutritional health plan, one I could actually stick to that was unique to my own individual needs.  One thing I love about the Capital District Vitality Center is that it is not a 'one plan fits all' center. My plan is different from my daughter's. 

    I have more energy.  Friends have commented how energetic I am.  My hot flashes have all but stopped, I can sleep through the night, I actually like to exercise, and my allergy symptoms have really decreased.  I have gained muscle, lost fat, and my stomach isn't so bloated. I don't feel like I am depriving myself and my pants are 2 sizes smaller.

    Dr. Herbold is a wealth of knowledge and I would recommend anyone who is not presently happy with their physical condition and overall health to seek his assistance in finding their own unique path to optimal health.  

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  • Erin
    Name: Erin      Occupation: Environmental Engineer

    At the beginning of 2008 I had decreased energy and an overall feeling that something just wasn't right with my body.  By the time summer rolled around I was having horrible nausea and diarrhea.  The fatigue had become so bad that I had to take a half-hour nap every day just to make it until bedtime.  Taking my kids to the park seemed like an insurmountable task. I was so tired and extremely anxious and constantly had a "pit" in my stomach worrying about everything and anything.  I started getting cold sores one after another.  I was always a very happy person but felt miserable and depressed over what was wrong with my health.  I had been to numerous doctors and received at CT scan, blood work, a colonoscopy, and ultrasounds.

    I finally went to see Dr. Herbold and he treated all of me, not just my symptoms.  He put me on a gluten-free/dairy-free diet for 4 months. It has now been over a year since my first visit with Dr. Herbold and I have never felt better.  I will be forever grateful to Dr. Herbold for giving me my health and vitality back.  I have been shown what real health is and have been given the tools to live my life to the fullest potential.  The greatest part is that I am able to pass those tools onto my children to ensure a healthier life for them. 

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  • Matthew P
    Name: Matthew P      Occupation: Physical Therapist & Competitive Cyclist

    Dr. Herbold provided me with the education, motivation, and support to have the most successful cycling season I have ever had. I was not eating correctly to support my level of activity.  I was always very grumpy and impatient at the end of the day and found myself very hungry at night right before bed.

    Within a week of my nutritional consultation and a significant diet change I was feeling more energetic, was not binging at night, and was no longer easily annoyed or frustrated at the end of the day. I was eating more food than I ever had at the right time of the day...and lost weight.  It was amazing!  I ended up finishing the season as the NYS Road Race Champion, won the 88 mile Fitchburg RR in solo fashion, and upgraded to Category 1 status which required several top 10 finishes. Thanks again for a great season!

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  • Amy N
    Name: Amy N      Occupation: Teacher

    My first visit with Dr. Herbold was many years ago. I was diagnosed with arthritis in my 20's. I refused to be a slave to the drugs prescribed and decided to start the changes in diet and lifestyle Dr. Herbold encouraged. We successfully beat the sentence or diagnosis, depending on how you see it, and started my journey in natural health. I later found great council with my fertility issues and now enjoy my 2 girls - happy and healthy miracles. My second daughter suffered terribly with reflux and wound up on prescriptive reflux medication in her first few months of life.  With Dr. Herbold's council, we turned the problem around in weeks with total resolution.  It was an enormous relief to our family. 

    Finally, I am not without my challenges, but my quality of life is so much better when I stay on my custom program.  He has helped our family make huge changes.  Thanks Dr. H!

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  • Rob
    Name: Rob      Occupation: Physical Therapist

    I originally became familiar with Dr. Herbold out of professional interest as I am a physical therapist.  In working with my patients, I realized that a percentage of them had very poor tissue response to treatment and that they had treatment needs in addition to their physical dysfunction. When I started referring some of those patients to Dr. Herbold for treatment they had their health addressed on a level that they previously did not experience and they began to have even better response to the treatment techniques that I was using for their physical well-being.

    This response made me interested in what specifically was being addressed with these patients and how I could learn more professionally as well as improve my own health and wellness along with that of my wife.  Dr. Herbold met with my wife and I and guided us through individual programs of nutritional needs and supplementation.  My energy is better and I am building muscle and shedding fat routinely with just a few simple adjustments to what I was doing.

    My wife's response was even more dramatic.  She had similar goals to mine to reduce fat, increase muscle and energy and generally look and feel better.  She also had been experiencing frequent and intense migraines for the greater part of her life.  With detailed questioning, it was apparent to Dr. Herbold that she had an imbalance in hormone levels. Today, my wife is in better control of her symptoms.  Her migraines are less frequent and significantly less intense.

    Additional benefits were also seen that my wife and I did not even understand to be related complaints.  My wife used to be cold all the time.  After a test, she was indeed a full 2 degrees below normal body temperature.  Now, her thyroid function is regulating with all of her efforts and she is finding her body temperature is nearing the normal 98.6 rate.  Her complaints of being cold are scarce.

    We are greatly enjoying Dr. Herbold's help and reaping many benefits, even some that were completely unexpected.   

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  • Lisa N
    Name: Lisa N      Occupation: Transportation Specialist

    The diagnosis of multiple sclerosis does not mean that the associated disabilities become part of your life.  I have been managing my condition for many years successfully and continue to be able to drive my bus with confidence and safety.

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  • Amy S
    Name: Amy S      Occupation: Environmental Engineer

    Do what Dr. Herbold says!  You will feel better.  I lost over 20 lbs within the course of three months.  My energy level went up immediately.  I'd been to my primary care doctor four times and to four specialists trying to resolve fatigue and edema.  My insurance company spent thousands of dollars on me.  Nothing worked.  I came to the Capital District Vitality Center out of desperation and expected nothing.

    Dr. Herbold's approach of addressing nutritional needs along with weight loss worked.  I became much more aware of my body's reactions to particular foods and stress.  I feel like a new person!

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  • Elizabeth H
    Name: Elizabeth H      Occupation: Postal Worker

    I have lost 50 lbs. in a little over 8 months.  Body composition analysis informs me that almost all of the loss is of fat.  My body has reshaped itself and I notice weight loss is all over.  My nutritionist, Dr. Herbold, devised a weight loss diet for me to follow.  The body composition analysis has helped me to continue and appreciate the work that I am doing.  I have a better understanding of where I am going with my care.  I have a lot more weight to lose and a lot of fat to lose in order to achieve a healthy BMI and I now believe I can achieve this goal. I am a vegetarian and it has been difficult to adapt to eating enough protein. 

    The result of weight loss and improvement in my health bolsters my desire to continue on this path and I look forward to someday achieving even better health and maintaining the weight loss.   

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  • Fibromyalgia patient
    Name: Fibromyalgia patient      Occupation: Librarian

    The chiropractic adjustments and the nutritional coaching I receive from Dr. Herbold have had a positive effect on me.  My pain is a lot less and I lost 30 lbs!  I have learned what foods make me feel better and what foods make me feel feel worse.  He has provided me with specific tools to help control my appetite and all the supplements are worthwhile.  Having fat and muscle body composition checked regularly keeps me on the straight and narrow.  I highly recommend Dr. Herbold!

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