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A Message from Dr. Herbold

Hi, my name is Dr. Richard Herbold and I’m a chiropractic neurologist and clinical nutritionist. I am the executive clinical director of the Capital District Vitality Center.

Our approach to restoring health is to first identify the underlying causes of your symptoms. We do this by studying your current condition as well as your complete health history.

This information allows us to design personal programs that get quick and lasting results. We know that taking care of your own health can bring about questions, so we take pride in providing safe, natural solutions that fit into your life both from a time-management perspective as well as from a cost-management perspective.

These affordable and effective programs can be as simple as a few diet changes or as intricate as advanced brain-based neurological therapies, such as interactive metronome and other state of the art techniques, which reestablish the body’s ability to perform at it’s highest level.

What I have noticed in decades of practice is that most people never find their way fully past their symptoms, not because they don’t want to, but because they never found the proper starting point, the place that addresses how these symptoms originally established themselves.

At the Capital District Vitality Center, we’ll make you just one promise: we will make every effort to find the right starting point for you before we recommend any care. This is what is best for your success, and that’s what makes us different.

Please make the call today, and begin your path back to a healthy and happy life.

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